Why use my service?

For the hobbyist beekeeper bespoke honey labels can be prohibitively expensive with the costs of setup costing more than the actual cost of the printing.

It is my objective to provide a honey label service to beekeepers which is:

Flexible - as to size, design including using customers' designs images or photographs, material used for the labels and quantity of labels required;

Responsive - to your requirements and if necessary working to very tight deadlines;

Fairly priced - no set up costs and a fixed charge per sheet of labels dependent on the the label stationery and whether colour printed or black and white;

Compliant - meeting honey and food labelling regulations;

Good quality - designed using desktop publishing software and printed using a high quality four colour laser printer;

Personal - building relationships with customers and their beekeeping operation no matter how small;

Repeatable - designs are saved for each customer and can be reused in original or modified versions for future orders.


I look forward to hearing from you. 

How did I get here?

I kept bees from 2002 to 2014 in Pembrokeshire with between two and five hives at any time.

When I started I bought labels in a generous quantity to get the lowest price from a leading supplier.  These were of one of the supplier's standard designs.  I soon discovered that it was going to take me years to use up the labels. After a couple of years they were were out of date and I had to change the date by hand which looked unprofessional.  I also wanted to sell honey in different weights but of course could not order sufficient quantities of each weight to get the best price.  And it would have been nice to have a bespoke, personalised design, that too would add considerably to the cost.

Having a career in computing behind me I was familiar with using technology and after investing in desktop publishing software and a colour laser printer and some blank labels I started to produce my own labels as and when I needed them.

Other beekeepers in the association I belong to and expressed an interest in having their own labels produced by me.  I decided to defray the investment I had made by offering my services by building a website - an earlier version of the one you are reading now.

In 2014 I gave up beekeeping when I moved to Wiltshire with my wife but continued to expand the label operation.  It has replaced beekeeping in my world but has the advantage of being able to be carried out in any weather without wearing special clothing, getting the kitchen floor sticky or getting stung.  It also allows me to retain contact with beekeepers and beekeeping and I can compliment them on their good harvests or commiserate with their poor years, queen and colony losses.

Now some years into my retirement it is a hobbyist business, all I expect is that I cover my costs.  So not much different from beekeeping and probably more time consuming.

Please have a look around my website. If you want to find out more or explore having your own labels made I look forward to hearing from you. 

You can email me at john@bespokelabels.net.

John Dudman