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Time to drop imperial quantity marking?

Since 1987 it has been a requirement to show quantities in metric units with the inclusion of the imperial equivalent being optional. Beekeepers and beekeeping supplies companies are traditional and so have been used to their 1 lb (i.e. 454… Continue Reading →

Pure, Natural or Raw Honey?

Raw, Natural and Pure are words often applied to honey but do they have any meaning? Do these adjectives have any meaning or are just useful to make a product look attractive. Summary The descriptions Raw, Natural and Pure may… Continue Reading →

Liquidising Honey

GRANULATED HONEY Although I no longer keep bees I still take an interest in beekeeping issues and I still have plenty of honey left from my beekeeping days.  I recently took a jar from my stash in the garage and… Continue Reading →

Not Just for Honey

Just before Christmas 2017 the writer, beekeeper and honey label customer Matt Johnson asked me to provide a few labels for his Damson Gin and Sloe Whisky.  I was happy to do this and using the image from the most recent… Continue Reading →

Best Before Dates

It is a requirement under current legislation that honey being traded (sold or bartered) is given a Best Before date.  Some beekeepers confuse ‘Best Before’ with ‘Use By’ and tell me that honey lasts indefinitely quoting the, probably apocryphal, story… Continue Reading →

Labels for 42 gram jars

From time to time I have been asked to provide labels for this size of jar and thought it would be useful to put together a short post about the issues of labelling these small jars. Here is a summary… Continue Reading →

Pricing Comparison

Following my blog post comparing my matt economy labels with gloss finish and its conclusion that gloss labels are the label of choice, I thought I would be useful compare pricing against a major supplier. But, does the cost stack up?… Continue Reading →

Gloss vs Matt Label Finishes

The question : Are gloss finish labels more resistant to water and honey than economy matt labels ? I have been asked this a few times and have also wondered it myself but up until a couple of days ago… Continue Reading →

Baker’s Honey

Honey is usually warmed by the beekeeper to help it flow when bottling it. Heat is damaging to honey and you could end up with a product which would not be legal to sell as honey – although apart from… Continue Reading →

Peelable Adhesive Labels for Honey

It seems a good idea to encourage easy reuse of honey jars by using labels which may be easily removed and asking customers to return jars after finishing the honey. But there is a snag to this plan in the… Continue Reading →

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