HazardLabelIf you make and sell beeswax polish blended with made with turpentine or turpentine substitute (white spirit) make sure you comply with current labelling regulations.

From 1st June 2015 changes came into force which implemented European CLP Regulations in the UK in place of the former CHIP regulations.  Have a look at beeswax polish in your local hardware store or supermarket and you should find that the suppliers have implemented the new regulations.

However there does seem to be an exemption from the labelling requirement on the ECHA website “for packaging that is small (typically less than 125ml) or is otherwise difficult to label. The exemptions allow the supplier to omit the hazard and/or precautionary statements or the pictograms from the label elements normally required under CLP.

However, if you have hazard labels of the type shown below destroy them as they may no longer be used.  HazardLabel

If you need CLP labels I can supply them.


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I also thank Pauline Aslin of Trees and Bees for her emails and assistance in understanding this subject.