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Time to drop imperial quantity marking?

Since 1987 it has been a requirement to show quantities in metric units with the inclusion of the imperial equivalent being optional. Beekeepers and beekeeping supplies companies are traditional and so have been used to their 1 lb (i.e. 454… Continue Reading →

Not Just for Honey

Just before Christmas 2017 the writer, beekeeper and honey label customer Matt Johnson asked me to provide a few labels for his Damson Gin and Sloe Whisky.  I was happy to do this and using the image from the most recent… Continue Reading →

Best Before Dates

It is a requirement under current legislation that honey being traded (sold or bartered) is given a Best Before date.  Some beekeepers confuse ‘Best Before’ with ‘Use By’ and tell me that honey lasts indefinitely quoting the, probably apocryphal, story… Continue Reading →

Labels for 42 gram jars

From time to time I have been asked to provide labels for this size of jar and thought it would be useful to put together a short post about the issues of labelling these small jars. Here is a summary… Continue Reading →

Gloss vs Matt Label Finishes

The question : Are gloss finish labels more resistant to water and honey than economy matt labels ? I have been asked this a few times and have also wondered it myself but up until a couple of days ago… Continue Reading →

Baker’s Honey

Honey is usually warmed by the beekeeper to help it flow when bottling it. Heat is damaging to honey and you could end up with a product which would not be legal to sell as honey – although apart from… Continue Reading →

Peelable Adhesive Labels for Honey

It seems a good idea to encourage easy reuse of honey jars by using labels which may be easily removed and asking customers to return jars after finishing the honey. But there is a snag to this plan in the… Continue Reading →

Price increases from 1st September 2017

Please note that due to rising costs, some price increases will apply to new orders from 1st September 2017. These are the first increases I have made since 2014. I keep margins as low as possible and will continue to offer… Continue Reading →

Product Names and Origin Information

“The product name of a relevant honey may be supplemented by information relating to its regional, territorial or topographical origin but no person may trade in a relevant honey for which such supplemental information is provided unless the product comes… Continue Reading →

Tags and Cut to Order

Recently I had an inquiry from a customer asking if I could produce card tags to be used on Honey Wedding Favours. This was a good opportunity to try a new service using my wife’s Brother ScanNCut – with her… Continue Reading →

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