Four granulation advice label wordings are available

All describe the hot water method of re-liquidising.

Use of a microwave can destroy the honey if not carefully managed – so inclusion of that is optional. 

Also optional is the advisory message about not feeding honey to infants under one year of age (Honey can contain spores of a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum, which can germinate in a baby’s immature digestive system and cause infant botulism, a rare but potentially fatal illness.)

G1.1 – Describes the microwave and hot water method of liquidising granulated (crystallised) honey – no infant feeding advisory message.

G1.1 45mm x 35mm
Above G1.1 Landscape
Above G1.1 Portrait

G1.2 – As G1.1 including the advisory message.

G1.2 45mm x 35mm
Above G1.2 Landscape
Above G1.2 Portrait

G2.1 – Describes only the hot water method of liquidising – no infant feeding advisory message

Above G2.1 Landscape
G2.1 35mm x 45mm
Above G2.1 Portrait

G2.2 – As G2.1 including the advisory message.

Above G2.2 Landscape
G2.2 35mm x 45mm
Above G2.2 Portrait