My most recent project was for a customer who has imported honey and wanted a set of labels suitable to put onto the product for sale in a local retailer.

She had an existing label design but in a size which I wasn’t able to supply, unusual.  Also the design did not meet honey labelling regulations.

Working with the customer we agreed a simple design based upon the existing label, to be used for the display side of the jar when on the shelf.

Front label

A separate label following the same colour scheme and fonts was designed for the other side of the jar which containing all the information required by regulations.


As the jars will be on a retailer’s shelf tamper evident labels were produced again using the same colours and fonts.


An interesting and good looking project.

Production details:

  • The front labels are 48 mm x 43 mm supplied in sheets of 20 labels.
  • The rear labels are 40 mm x 40 mm supplied in sheets of 24 labels.
  • The tamper evident labels are 90 mm x 11 mm supplied in sheets of 38 labels.

The 48 mm x 43 mm and the 40 mm x 40 mm were both bought in for this project and have become part of my standard stock.