Food prepackaged for sale (e.g. a jar of honey or pack of cut comb) must be given a lot, or batch marking.

A lot or batch is units of food produced, manufactured or packaged under similar conditions. In the event of a problem with your product all products with the same lot identification may have to be recalled and so it makes sense to keep quantities in a lot as small as possible.  The code may be identified with the prefix “L” or “Lot” or “Batch”.

You are highly unlikely to know in advance how much honey you will get in a year or even how may harvests.  You may also keep a glut of honey in bulk from year to year to offset what may be a poor harvest next year.  Ordering labels as and when you need them which can be expensive because of having to pay multiple delivery costs.  I can supply uniquely numbered labels with three or four digits – for example 100 labels numbered from L001 to L100 – as you bottle each batch of honey – use the labels in order and keep a record of the start and end numbers in the batch.

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