Honey packaging must contain a best before date. This is the date after which the honey may have changed its texture or taste. The honey is still safe to eat after the best before date.

What is ‘best’ and when is honey not at its ‘best’? It is not a food safely issue but if your customer has bought a jar of runny honey they may feel it is not at its best when it granulates as most honeys do. Two years is the usual period.

‘Durability indication may be in the form best before or best before end. For foods with a life of more than 3 months, Month and Year or Year alone may be used.’

I recommend the format “BBE YYYY” – less cluttered on the label. Inclusion of a month – which would have to be in text form e.g. Jul 2022 is to me unnecessary. You cannot be that accurate with your honey.

To provide more information to your customer about granulation and what to do with granulated honey I offer granulation advice labels.

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