The main selling point for honey from a hobbyist beekeeper is that it it is local and as close as possible to the honey as it was in the beehive - 'raw honey'.

However an attractive label can help to emphasise these points.  I offer a few standard design templates in both black and white and colour.  These are just starting points and will be tailored to your requirements.

You can supply your own design for a fully bespoke label or supply elements, drawings or photographs, for inclusion in a design.

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A ‘standard design’ is the quickest way to get a label. I will work with you to customise the layout to your requirements.

Supply your choice of Product name, Quantity (Weight), Producer’s (beekeeper’s) name and address, Durability (best before date), Origin (country or state) and Lot number (which can be unique to each label if you wish).

Layouts will be adjusted to arrive at the best looking label for you.

Note: the dotted line on the images below showing the edge of the label are not printed on the final labels.

Design codes are not sequential, some designs have been withdrawn.


















Have a drawing or photograph you would like to use for a label? See some examples of Bespoke Designs produced for beekeepers.

Use a drawing or photograph to personalise your label for a one off charge of £10 set up fee.

You must own the copyright or have the copyright owner's permission - in writing - to use it for the purpose of your honey label.

Your image will not be used on any other labels - I reserve the right to show your final label on this website but any personal details will be removed.

By providing an image you are agreeing to the above.

Images should be supplied at 300 pixels per inch when printed at finished size.  For example an image which will be 50mm (two inches) wide on the label should be a minimum of 600 pixels across. If in doubt send it anyway and I'll let you know if it is suitable.

The label will be customised to your needs with your choice of Product name, Quantity (Weight), Producer's (more accurately supplier's) name and address, Durability (best before date), Origin (country or state) and Lot number (which can be unique to each label if you wish).

Once we have agreed a design between us, this can be used on any label size without additional charge apart from the stationery and printing costs.

 Examples of Bespoke Labels

Below are just some of the bespoke designs produced with customers for their honey and more.

The images on these examples are copyright the beekeeper who supplied them and may not be copied or used on other labels or for an other customer or purpose.