Must have

If you ‘trade’ your honey there is some information you must display to the customer. This is usually all on the front label, but some can be shown elsewhere on the package.  This is explained in detail on the Regulations page.

Optional but highly recommended

You will have taken care when preparing your honey ensuring it is pure and placed in clean jars or for comb honey containers.  What happens then?  You may put it onto a shelf in a local retailer or put outside your front door on a ‘trust’ system.  Either way can you be sure that the jar has not be opened before being bought by the final customer?  Even more importantly can your customer be sure?

You can provide assurance by means of a Tamper Evident Label.  This doesn’t prevent the jar being opened but clearly shows if it has been. I can provide customised tamper evident labels.


Hobbyist beekeepers and bee farmers know that our honey is different every year and granulation is a fact of life.  Granulation can start in weeks or be delayed for months.  It is helpful to advise the customer about this with a granulation advice label.