To order, please supply the following information by email to:

1. Label reference or bespoke.

If ordering a standard layout quote the label reference shown with each image for standard design – although these designs are customisable. For a bespoke label email me the photo or drawing with an idea of how you want your labels to look and I’ll produce a draft for your consideration.

2. Product name

e.g. “Pure Local Honey” – see regulations for guidance on product names.

3. Quantity marking.

The net weight (or volume) of the contents.  Can be any metric weight e.g. “454 g”. Specify if you want the imperial quantity shown – only available for 454g (1lb), 12oz (3/4lb), 227g (8oz) and 113g (4oz).

4. The name and address of the ‘food business operator’.

Usually the beekeeper for honey.

5. Other contact details if you want this to appear on the label.

Useful for your customers to contact you for repeat orders.

6. Durability marking – Best before date.

I suggest “Best before yyyy” as the format unless you have a strong belief that a month is required. This date is about texture and taste not food safety.

If you wish a small label containing the date can be placed elsewhere on the packaging with a description on the main label of where to find it e.g. ‘For best before see base of jar’.

7. Lot or batch number.

Pre-packaged goods must carry a lot number.  If you use a best before date in the form day, month, year this can also serve as a batch number.  Bear in mind that is any problem was identified with a product, all products in the batch should be recalled.

8. Geographic origin.

This is the country or state.  For example, ‘Harvested in England’, ‘Product of Scotland’, ‘Welsh Honey’, ‘UK produce’ etc.

I’ll also need to know…

9. Size of label you require.

For 454g jars the 83mm x 53mm is popular, this size will also fit the 340g and even 227g jars although the 75mm x 50mm allow more honey to be visible.  Both these sizes come in sheets of 10 labels.  The next size down is 63.5mm x 46.6mm at 18 labels a sheet so more economical (labels are priced by sheet).

10. How many labels you require.

I will calculate how many sheets of labels this requires and round up the number to the next whole sheet. 

If in doubt about anything or have any questions please email me:

John Dudman