I was reading the interpretation of the current legislation on an English beekeeping association’s website – I’ll not say which – and take issues with their views.

Their view is that country of origin is not required on the honey label if the Product Name includes a county and UK is appended to the producer’s address.

My view is that this is technically incorrect and is based upon a misunderstanding of the meaning of the producer’s name and address. Let us say that you import honey from Norfolk Virginia (bear with me this is an argument) you could legally label this as ‘Norfolk Honey’ – appending UK to your address would be entirely misleading.

It is important to be aware that the Producers name and address is simply the supplier, think of the big commercial suppliers Rowse, or Gale’s.  They will sell honey from may countries but their name and address will be their UK registered office.

I will continue to advise my honey label customer’s to include a ‘Product of ….’ or ‘Harvested in …’ message on the labels I supply.