Following my blog post comparing my matt economy labels with gloss finish and its conclusion that gloss labels are the label of choice, I thought I would be useful compare pricing against a major supplier.

But, does the cost stack up?

The comparison is between my own 75mm by 50mm gloss label and Thorne’s L29 label which measures 76mm by 51mm.

Label images for example only – other designs are available.

The image on my label is one of the few standard labels I offer – bespoke labels are more popular with my customers while the label on the right is one of Thorne’s standard designs.  The text on my and the Thorne label can be customised of course.  The Thorne label has fixed positions for the text while mine can be altered.

Prices for colour printed labels

Number of labels ordered
Gloss labels
100 £7.50 £8.41
200 £15.00 £16.82
300 £22.50 £25.24
400 £30.00 £33.65
500 £37.50 £19.98
£40.22 if using own design

Prices are comparable until 500 labels where the Thorne price reduces significantly – to less than the cost of 300 labels (so if you only wanted 300 or 400 labels in a Thorne standard design it would be better to order 500).

Unique labels

My price includes use of your own design or image for all quantities on any size of label I offer.  The design is saved for future use. Your design can be used on different size labels for different quantities – for example 227g, 340g and 454g.  Any changes for further orders can be made at no charge.

Thorne’s unique label service is available with a minimum order of 500 labels and limited to five different size labels. There is a one-off origination cost of £20.24 for each design and size of label.  Changes to text can be made on further orders at no additional cost.


I think this shows that my service is price competitive for the beekeeper who requires smaller quantities of labels and wants a flexible and service.

If my economy labels are suitable, and many customers have found them so, then further cost savings can be made.