Since 1987 it has been a requirement to show quantities in metric units with the inclusion of the imperial equivalent being optional.

Beekeepers and beekeeping supplies companies are traditional and so have been used to their 1 lb (i.e. 454 g), 12 oz (340 g) and 8 oz (227g) jars.

I suggest that it is time beekeepers and other food producers dropped the use of the imperial measurement.

  • Customers don’t care – they will look at a jar and decide if it looks value for money.
  • Marking can be simplified e.g. 455 g instead of 454 g and 230 g instead of 227 g – 340 g can be left as it is (honey and other food can be sold in any metric quantity).  A good many domestic kitchen scales measure in 5 g units. But of course ensure you overfill to avoid problems with weights and measures.
  • Most labels benefit from looking uncluttered, taking out the imperial units is one way of doing this.

What do you think?